A Guide for New Grads: How to Successfully Navigate Your Career


What You Will Learn

This comprehensive guide brought to you by Joy Energy Time and CovalentCareers gives you the A-Z on how to navigate the transition into your new healthcare career.

Occupational Wellness

Wellness at work includes getting work etiquette down, cultivating non-clinical skills essential for the job, mapping your career path, and learning to watch out for red flags that may lead to burnout.

Salary, Loans, Debt, Oh My

Loans don't have to be ~so~ terrifying. Learn the best practices to manage your student loans and the do's and don'ts of negotiating your salary.

Team and Boss Harmony

Learn how to implement effective teamwork strategies, how to deal with toxic coworkers, how to take tough criticism, how to talk to your boss with boss talk strategies and templates


Your Complete Guide

This beautifully designed guide dives deep into some of the biggest questions new grads in healthcare have about entering their careers, like money, burnout, and work well-being. This guide also has hyperlinks to resources to help you succeed in all aspects of your career.


Teamwork + Boss Strategies

Effective communication is EVERYTHING. We dedicated a few sections of the guide to address teamwork- how to keep an argument from escalating, understanding each other's unique personality matrix, and how to build a true community at work. Learn how to talk to your boss and how to have difficult conversations.


Build Yourself Up

We know that some of the biggest keys to a successful career don't involve your knowledge or clinical skills. The keys to success include overcoming imposter syndrome with confidence, cultivating non-clinical skills, and understanding what burnout is and how to avoid it.

Note from Erika del Pozo, MOT, OTR/L, CEO & co-founder at Joy Energy Time

Are you having a not-so-smooth transition into your career? Do you wish you knew a few things before you started? Or are you a grad student and you want to avoid the most common mistakes new grads make?

I was incredibly frightened entering the work world after some trauma I experienced in fieldwork. I get you. I know you're not as confident with yourself as you'd like to be. And I know sometimes it can feel lonely being the new grad.

I was so insecure that my supervisor and other employees told me I needed to be more confidently multiple times within my first year as an occupational therapist. I was on the phone with a poor Fed Loans employee as I cried to them because I didn't know how to figure out my student loan payments. It was a rough start in many ways for me to say the least.

But since then, I have learned a lot.

I created this brand in 2017 to provide resources and tools for healthcare professionals to help them thrive in their personal and professional lives. We partnered with the leading resource in career growth CovalentCareers to create a gift that we are excited to share with you!

I created this guide with new grad me in mind and for all the pain and struggles I went through so that you don’t have to go through that. You can find joy in your career, and this guide can give you the head start you need.

We spend 1/3 of our adult lives at work. Make the transition into your career as smooth as possible.


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