Because who said self-care should only be practiced exclusively out of work?

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What is the Professional Self-Care Series?

This is a 7-day series delivered straight to your inbox.

Each day of the series, you will learn strategies to integrate self-care and parasympathetic recovery throughout your work day via short (5 minutes or less) videos.

What You Need

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What You Need

Our monthly playbooks come with your membership to our digital club, the Joy Energy Time Club.Let's look at the October Playbook as an example. In this guide, you'll get:

  • practices that guide you in setting personal + professional boundaries
  • raising energy techniques through enhancing emotional intelligence
  • guiding journal prompts + exercises to help you raise personal energy
  • seven steps to psychologically detach from work
  • tangible strategies to protect your energy throughout the day (including at work!)
  • And so much more!

Playbooks include evidence-based strategies and are designed to help you thrive in and out of your career in healthcare. When you join our club, you will receive a new monthly playbook + fresh resources each month.



Day 1:

Locus of Control: You'll learn to reframe your approach to challenges at work and exercise to change your language + mindset.

Day 2:

Self-Awareness: You'll learn a simple practice to help promote parasympathetic regulation continuously throughout the workday.

Day 3:

Social Support: You'll learn how to proactively prevent social isolation in the workplace and foster the three types of social support.

Day 4:

Recovery: You'll learn how to set up an environment that promotes your recovery and transition from work to home.

Day 5:

Self-advocacy: You'll learn the basics of determining when is it (or not) a good time to advocate for changes at work.

Day 6:

Boundaries: You'll learn how to be assertive vs aggressive in setting boundaries and the pros and cons of compromising and optimizing.

Day 7:

Energy: You'll learn how to promote greater relational energy with your coworkers and mobilize your own personal energy.

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